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Professional Director
Develpoment Programme

Directors Association's Professional Director Development Programme is designed to equip aspiring board members with the skill, knowledge, and competency to serve on boards. For more information on how to become a competent board member and to receive this month's discount, please contact:

+27 10 541 0693

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Corporate Governance Masterclass

  • Are you a director of a company?
  • Are you a board member of a non-profit organisation?
  • Do you understand what your duties as a board member are?
  • We invite you to a short masterclass training course discussing shareholding, boards, directors and general corporate governance. Through this Masterclass you will receive a certificate as a Governance Master.

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    Advisory Board Programme

    The Advisory Board Programme equips you with the knowledge on how you can use an advisory board to grow your business including utilizing over 1500 qualified professional directors on our database to serve on your board as volunteers.

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