Board Portal

A board portal is collaborative software that allows board of directors to securely access board documents and collaborate with other board members electronically via an App or Web-based platform. Due to the growth of technology, such tools have been created to assist boards manage their affairs.

Automated Board Solutions (ABS)

Directors Association has created a board portal called Automated Board Solutions which is safe, secure, reliable, efficient, and competent which allows for the effectiveness of the board.

Automated Board Solutions provides:

  • Virtual Board Meetings
  • Voting System
  • Board pack creation, modification, and distribution
  • Electronic signing of documents like Meeting Minutes
  • More timely communications with board members
  • Access to information by board members from any place and at any time
  • One location for all important Announcements and documents
  • Better collaboration between directors

And Offers:

  • Better source control of documents and security of information
  • Searching of archived documents
  • Online accessibility
  • Offline accessibility
  • Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators
  • Read Receipt of announcements
  • Audit trail

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