Board Bond (Board Team Building)

A board is a collective of individual experts brought together to achieve an objective. However, if these individuals fail to gel as a team, they will fail to achieve the goals of the organisation. A Board is no different from a team sport where each player contributes to their ability to help the team succeed.

A successful board is characterised by directors who have cultivated a unique bond that allows them to work hand in hand to achieve organisational goals.

Team building activities for board members result in better communication, increased productivity, improved morale, and increased confidence in the overall performance of the organisation. Board Bond is a Board Team Building Programme designed to cultivate a spirit of collective collaboration.

Board Bond seeks to achieve:

  • Board DNA.
  • Collaboration.
  • Respect amongst board members.
  • Values alignment.
  • Clear understanding of organisational goals.
  • A We not Me collective mentality.
  • Remove Egocentrism.
  • Clear the air of any tension.
  • Board Etiquette and soft skills.
  • Resolve conflicts.

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