Proxy Advisory Services

Proxy Advisory is the function that provides advice and guidance to Shareholders. Proxy Advisory allows Shareholders to understand key governance & strategic items in order to make better decisions for their companies. It is an advisory solution for shareholders who might not fully understand the complex workings of Corporate Governance including their role as a Shareholder and important items such as shareholder rights, activism, voting, etc.

Directors Association is a leading Proxy Advisor providing solutions to both institutional and retail investors.

Our services:

  • Proxy Research
  • ESG Solutions
  • Shareholder Educational Training
  • Proxy Voting Papers
  • Proxy Compensation Paper
  • Governance Report (Duvera Governance Rating System)
  • Proxy Voting
  • Shareholder Voting Data Analysis
  • Voting Guidelines
  • Reporting & Disclosure
  • Class Action
  • General Shareholder Advice

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